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Using the Stabilize Effect

February 17, 2008

Late model Media Composers include Avid’s tracking engine, a potentially powerful addition to your visual effects arsenal. The tracker is included in several effects, the simplest of which is stabilize. If you’ve got a shot that’s too rocky to include in a scene, the stabilize effect might just make it usable again. It’s realtime and it’s easy to set up — once you understand how to do it.

Rather than explain the use of this tool with images and text, I’ve posted a little 3-minute video that will introduce you to it. If you can’t see the screen clearly enough in the small version here, check it out on Vimeo.

I’m thinking about doing more of these. Let me know how this works for you and whether it’s useful.

In more advanced applications, the tracker can be used inside the 3D Warp effect to connect one shot, typically a matte, to the motion of another. Avid has a very nice video tutorial that will show you how to do this. It’s in the free part of their Alex education site, near the bottom of this page.

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