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IATSE Health Plan

November 15, 2011

Preparing for upcoming contract negotiations, the IATSE has been reaching out to the membership for feedback about our health plan. I went to a town hall meeting near LAX last night hosted by IA President Matt Loeb and VP Mike Miller, and I have to say that it was one of the best large-group IA meetings I’ve ever been to. The attitude, openness and intelligence of the leadership was terrific, and I was proud to be a member of this organization.

Our current contract expires at the end of July, and the chief challenge is going to be the medical plan. For details, we heard presentations by John Garner and David Wescoe, who articulately laid out some of the issues. By many measures we have one of the best plans in the nation, with lots of options, high quality care, and low out-of-pocket costs. But the plan is projected to need a lot of money over the next three years. Solving that problem will undoubtedly be contentious, and members would be well advised to learn as much as they can about it. There will be another meeting tonight in Burbank. You can also watch videos from previous meetings on the IA website.


Editors Lounge Friday

October 27, 2011

Alphadogs’ monthly Editors Lounge is always an entertaining and informative event for editors of all stripes. The discussion tomorrow night will skip the usual tech talk and instead focus on how editors edit — the choices we make and why. With high-profile panelists from features, television, reality, and music videos, I suspect the discussion will reveal how similar we are, regardless of the material we cut.

The panel includes Mark Goldblatt, Andrew Seklir, Derek McCants and Bee Ottinger, and will be moderated by Debra Kaufman.

Details are here. Be sure to RSVP. Note that the event is being held at a new location. Doors open at 6:15, the panel starts at 7.


October 6, 2011

By now, you all know that Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. Many words have been and will be written about him, and how much his vision and passion changed our lives. He was determined to see the future and make it real, and he did that many times over in his short career. Apple’s “think different” ad lauded “the crazy ones,” “the trouble makers,” “the ones who see things differently,” and “who push the human race forward.” Steve Jobs was very much one of those people, and today, one day into a new world without him, I wonder if any of us yet know how much he will be missed.

That Post Show

September 21, 2011

Host Kanen Flowers released another installment of his podcast “That Post Show” yesterday, and once again I was a participant. The episode, entitled “Cinematic Communal Experience” is a thoughtful look at the art and science of editing and, in particular, how web-based entertainment is changing cinema. We did our best to stay away from the FCP-X debacle, but there’s a taste of it in the post-show montage. Check it out on Kanen’s web site, or download it from iTunes

Pre-NAB Editors Lounge Video

April 8, 2011

Video from the Editors Lounge Pre-NAB Panel Discussion was posted yesterday. I was part of it, and we covered a lot of interesting stuff, including the new FCP, the future of the editing UI, 3D, the lack of HDCAM-SR tape stock due to the tsunami, and many other things.

The other participants were Terry Curren, Mark Raudonis, Lucas Wilson and Michael Bravin, and the panel was moderated by Debra Kaufman. It was co-sponsored by Alphadogs and Keycode Media.

The video is in four 15-20 min. segments. So the two hour panel has been expertly trimmed to about 80 minutes.

Check it out at Vimeo.

Part 1 – Final Cut Speculation and Predictions
Part 2 – Evolution of the Editing UI/Editing Outsourcing
Part 3 – The End of Tape/Thunderbolt/Camera Evolution
Part 4 – 3D/Questions and Answers

Sally Menke Interview

March 1, 2011

Elvis Mitchel has posted a thoughtful, sensitive interview with editor Sally Menke this week for his LA-based show “The Treatment.” Elvis is something of an LA institution, operating out of KCRW. His interviews are consistently penetrating, and this one is no different. Having helped run the Editors Guild Magazine for four years, I can tell you that it’s not an easy thing to interview editors with respect and without resorting to a host of cliches. This one does both.

You can listen on line at this link or via itunes as a podcast. It’s tight–just 30 minutes long. But it offers something more sensitive than you might expect, and gives you a sense of what made Menke such a special person.

As many of you know, Sally spent much of her working life cutting Quentin Tarantino’s pictures. She died tragically last year, while hiking in Griffith Park.