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Here’s a list of all the tech tips I’ve posted, organized by subject.


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11 Comments on “Avid Tech Tips”

  1. Chris Says:


    Quick question for you. Have you ever tried capturing footage from a DVR into your Avid (Adrenaline to be specific)? I’d appreciate any help you could provide.


  2. Derick Says:


    I’ve received an Avid sequence with many Avid created titles. I know of the ‘Recreate Title Media’ function in Avid, but I’ve found that I have to select each title and go up to Clip-Recreate Title Media. With as many titles as I have, it’s a long and tedious process. Is there a way to recreate title media for a multiple titles either in a bin or in the timeline at once?


  3. Steve Says:

    Recreate Title Media should respect your marks. Mark in before the first title and after the last one and you’ll recreate them all. And do a search in the help system for “Recreate Title Media.”


  4. Benjamin Says:


    I would have emailed you, but I didn’t see any contact info here, so I figured a comment may get to you.

    I was looking for topics to test out ScreenFlow and I used two of the tips you posted here. The video is at http://hershleder.com/avid_information under the heading “VIDEO TUTORIAL – Tips on Trimming, Keyboard Mapping, and Offline Warning.”

    I was already aware of the Option-key tip for trimming, but I really liked your tip of mapping the Sample Plot display to the keyboard. Over the years I’d gotten so used to working without them, but with the speedy redraw in v3.x I use them much more often and that tip makes it a lot more convenient.

    Thanks for all the great information you share here.


  5. Steve Says:


    Nice work, very helpful and clear — and thanks for the plug! I always like seeing my name in the source monitor.


  6. I ACTUALLY was initially very pleased to discover this particular web-site.I want to thanks for your effort for this wonderful read!! I ACTUALLY surely enjoying each little bit of it and I’ve got you book marked to look at new things you writing.

  7. Fantastic tips, i most certainly will try them for myself and i’ll get back with a feedback just after. Regards!

  8. Jim Ferguson Says:

    Although I’ve been using Avid for many years I picked up some great tips by reading your book.

    I’ve recently upgraded to 5.5 and noticed that the Mute button (from the control panel) works differently than how you describe on page 31 of your book. Mute used to inactivate all the audio tracks. However, now Mute will turn on all the individual tracks’ mute icon.

    Is there any way to hit one button and have all audio Track Monitor buttons go inactive?


    – Jim

    • Steve Says:

      Jim —
      Good catch — thanks. Mute All now mutes tracks rather than inactivating them, which for most people is probably better. And no, sorry, I don’t know of a way to inactivate everything.


  9. Lori A Howell Says:

    I would like to know if Avid Agility came with a DVD with project data and media files?

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